Event Safety Update – July 31

The below has been updated on July 31, 2021

As we’re all aware, COVID safety concerns continue to stay top of mind for many, so we wanted to share with you the precautions we are taking and measures we are putting in place to make Podcast Movement 2021 as safe of an event as possible.


  • Per the latest CDC guidance advising that all large indoor gathering attendees wear a mask, PM21 attendees will be asked to wear a mask while participating in Podcast Movement activities. Speakers are also encouraged to wear their masks on-stage during their sessions, especially multi-person talks or panels. We will have masks on hand for anyone who needs one.
  • Plexiglass barriers will be in place at badge pickup and check in, as well as other PM stations, such as the information booth and help desk.

  • Sanitization stations will be present outside each ballroom, and spread throughout the common areas of the event, including lobbies and expo hall.

  • Gaylord Opryland will use electrostatic sprayers to sanitize surfaces in all common areas each night.

  • Each attendee will complete a self-health assessment and safety agreement upon checking into the event to pick up their badge.

  • Self-health assessment and safety signage will be spread throughout the event common areas.
  • Many of the parties and networking events occur in locations that will allow for spread-out social distancing and/or outdoor options.
  • Our session ballrooms will have socially distanced seating in each room, and we also have contingency plans to create more socially distanced seating on the fly if needed.
  • The expo hall inside Podcast Movement Central has been configured for all exhibitors to be “corner booths,” allowing for more socially distanced expo-ing by attendees and exhibitors.
  • Color-coded buttons will be available to attendees as an easy way to communicate their level of comfort for social interaction:
      • Red Button – I am practicing social distancing and prefer no physical contact.
      • Yellow Button – I am being cautious and prefer minimal physical contact.
      • Green Button – I am okay with regular social interaction.
  • Minimal contact event check-in. Please ensure your Name and Company / Podcast Name are accurate inside your EventPower portal THIS WEEK to expedite your check-in experience.
  • For speakers and panelists, all microphones will be sanitized before and after each session.

Finally, we want to remind all attendees that they still have the option to convert their in-person attendance to virtual attendance. If this is something you’re interested in exploring, please contact us to learn more.


We know that this situation is changing daily, and while we hope to see positive trends, we are monitoring the status and will keep you updated on any new changes.


-The Podcast Movement Team

Statement on July 7 Weekly Newsletter

On July 7th, our weekly community newsletter included an image promoting Podcast Movement parties and networking events that was insensitive and offensive, especially to Black podcast creators and listeners. As an organization that prioritizes inclusiveness, we’re focused on the impact and not the intent of our actions. We welcome opportunities to learn how to be better allies to Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) and other marginalized communities, and encourage others in the podcasting space to do the same.

We recognize that BIPOC creators already face systemic injustices and feelings of otherness. We are sincerely sorry to have contributed to that in any way, including in the context of the past event where the photo was taken. While Simplecast and the BIPOC Podcast Creators group were not involved in the selection of the photo, we appreciate their leadership in helping bring this issue to our attention and their partnership in addressing it with us. We admire their longtime advocacy for and allyship with women and BIPOC podcast creators and appreciate their support of Podcast Movement.

Moving forward, we pledge to be more thoughtful and inclusive in our communications, ensure that we do not have insensitive props at photobooths at our events, and work with those in our community to ensure an equitable and welcoming environment.

– The Podcast Movement Team

For more information on our efforts to make our events more inclusive, learn more about our diversity and inclusivity efforts here.