On July 7th, our weekly community newsletter included an image promoting Podcast Movement parties and networking events that was insensitive and offensive, especially to Black podcast creators and listeners. As an organization that prioritizes inclusiveness, we’re focused on the impact and not the intent of our actions. We welcome opportunities to learn how to be better allies to Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) and other marginalized communities, and encourage others in the podcasting space to do the same.

We recognize that BIPOC creators already face systemic injustices and feelings of otherness. We are sincerely sorry to have contributed to that in any way, including in the context of the past event where the photo was taken. While Simplecast and the BIPOC Podcast Creators group were not involved in the selection of the photo, we appreciate their leadership in helping bring this issue to our attention and their partnership in addressing it with us. We admire their longtime advocacy for and allyship with women and BIPOC podcast creators and appreciate their support of Podcast Movement.

Moving forward, we pledge to be more thoughtful and inclusive in our communications, ensure that we do not have insensitive props at photobooths at our events, and work with those in our community to ensure an equitable and welcoming environment.

– The Podcast Movement Team

For more information on our efforts to make our events more inclusive, learn more about our diversity and inclusivity efforts here.