Leveraging Meetups to Grow Your Podcast

If you are a podcaster that organizes meetups to better connect with listeners or want to learn how to do this, come to the Falls Bar & Lounge in the Cascades near the lobby check in area for networking and a roundtable workshop for organizing meetups. We will talk about 4 applications:
1. Organizing a local meetup in your city for other podcasters (a great way to create a local support network)
2. Organizing an in person meetup for your podcast in your city
3. Organizing digital meetups on Hopin or Zoom for your entire podcast audience
4. Organizing a multi city meetup tour for your podcast listeners
We will talk more in depth about available tools to achive these goals (Meetup.com, Facebook Groups and Events, Hopin, Eventbrite, and LinkedIn Events).
Hope to see you there!

Ecamm Fam Meet-Up Pre-Podcast Movement

Join the Ecamm Fam for a chance to network and meet creators in Nashville who are using Ecamm Live, a video production studio for Mac, to create their podcasts, live streams, and more. We will be spending the evening chatting over drinks and hanging with other content creators who use Ecamm Live to power their production workflow.