Ecamm Fam Meet-Up Pre-Podcast Movement

Join the Ecamm Fam for a chance to network and meet creators in Nashville who are using Ecamm Live, a video production studio for Mac, to create their podcasts, live streams, and more. We will be spending the evening chatting over drinks and hanging with other content creators who use Ecamm Live to power their production workflow.

Nashville Podcasters BONUS meetup feat. Podcast Editors’ Club

Nashville Podcasters is the largest independent podcasting group in the country. Our city has built a worldwide reputation for producing music. This recording talent and infrastructure has helped us rapidly expand into spoken-word audio and podcasting.

The headquarters for top podcast production companies like Amazon, Spotify, and iHeart are so close to our meeting place you can see them. And you can be at Apple’s new streaming/podcasting studio with a five-minute drive.

We want to share our knowledge and resources with you.

We’ve partnered with Podcast Editors’ Club to create an evening to help you grow your podcasting business, no matter what side of the mic you’re on. In one evening, you’ll walk away with both the podcasting knowledge and connections you need to “turn pro” and be successful in this industry.

This one-time event is a must-stop if you’re already planning to be in the area for Podcast Movement. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about the business of podcasting from already successful podcasters, editors, and producers, as well as make the right connections to either start or expand your own podcast business!

There is NO CHARGE for this event. You can come free as our guest and see for yourself why Nashville, TN is not just Music City, but also Podcast City. #NashPod

Spark Media Magazine Launch Party

Christian Podcasters and friends of SPARK MEDIA come celebrate the launch of the Spark Media Podcast Magazine, and network with other Christian Communicators. Bring your beverage of choice, and come help us celebrate the work of Faith-based podcasters.

LGBTQIA+ Meet up

Hey out there, Queer podcasters! Let’s all get together and get to know one another! Join us for what promises to be a lively and entertaining gathering with the most lively and entertaining crew of podcast peeps!

Real Talk Podcasting Meetup

Hey friends, usually we’d throw a sick house party and stay up partying (respectfully) until 5am, but our AirBNB hosts would rather we didn’t. So we’re moving this to The American Craft Tavern on-site at the Convention Center. Come to hangout, get loose, and enjoy one another’s company.

And AFTER that, we’re hitting the town and painting it red… but you’ll only know where we’re going if you’re at The American Craft Tavern when we shut it down.

Real Talk Podcasting (After Dark Meetup at Pearl Diver)

Nope, you’re not reading the meetup schedule wrong, we’re here twice. At 10PM we will leave the American Craft Tavern at Opryland Convention Center and head over to Pearl Diver. For more information, click the link below. If you’re planning on attending this extension of our meetup, you’ll need to let us know you’re coming. Details at the link below!

Education Podcast Meetup

Come and meet others using podcasts to build community and best practice within the unique field of education. Whether you are part of a K-12 school or college, bring both your experience and questions to this informal meetup.